At the Children's Centre we believe that PLAY is most important method of learning and development.
"Play is the highest form of research" 
(Albert Einstein)

Baby Room: up to 1 year 3 months (walking) 

Our baby room is warm, welcoming, bright and perfectly prepared for your little one to explore freely in a safe and nurturing environment. Our baby room is ideal for children to enhance their holistic development through a range of stimulating and exciting activities. Activities and free play is planned based on our written observations to ensure each unique child's holistic development is supported. Our separate sleep room and warm soothing atmosphere ensures a home from home feeling for your baby. The sleep room is monitored and staffed at all times.

Our baby room routine consists of lots of PLAY such as free play, messy play, music and story time. As well as this, the babies love to go on walks and use our special sensory room where they can explore lots of colours, textures and sounds! 

Bambi Room: 1 year 3 months to 2 years 3 months

Our Bambi room is for our babies who are now steady on their feet and are able to become even more adventurous in their play. In the Bambi room there are more age appropriate activities and toys provided to increase all areas of development. In the Bambi room we love physical and imaginative play as well as doing arts and crafts, messy play, nature walks, singing songs, dancing and story time. There are too many to list! 

Our bambis still have a mid day nap and of course cuddles are given freely at all times! The bambis follow their own unique room routine to begin encouraging independence. 

Tigger Room: 2 years 3 months- nursery age

The Tigger room caters for children aged 2 years old until they are ready to leave for nursery school. The Children in the Tigger Room are now ready to be introduced to a more structured daily routine, there is a wide range of planned activities as well as lots of free play. Our tiggers are encouraged to participate in various types of play to keep children engaged and have the opportunity to progress their holistic development.  In the Tigger room we encourage children to have choice through their play as choices promote greater independence.  

In the Tigger Room, children take part in arts and crafts, messy play, baking, role play, various table top play, construction, songs, stories and of course quiet time when needed! Activities are planned based on children's interests and level of development, staff use 'Welcomm' as the speech and language tool kit to monitor each child's stage of language development. The Centre also has access to the Sure Start Speech and Language Therapist who regularly provides activities for staff to implement during play and advice for parents. We are also able to assist in 'Potty Training' and provide advice and support to parents if required. 

This is a brief description about each of our day care rooms, however if you would like more information or would like to call in for a visit then please go to our contact page for our details!