Here are links to a range of child support which you may find useful:
Family Support NI Website: This site provides details of a wide range of services provided by statutory, voluntary  and community  organisations. You can access up-to-date information on a range of services available to support   families. This information will help Families, Young People, Children and Practitioners in Northern Ireland to find local services to meet their needs:
Windsor Women’s Centre:

Situated in the Village area of South Belfast and has been operating since 1990.  The centre works within a community development framework to develop and promote equality of opportunity and champion practices and policies to better the lives of women and their families:

HM Revenue & Customs
The UK’s tax and customs authority, contact for details of tax credits:
Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children & Young People
Promotes and safeguards the rights and best interests of children and young people; information about their priorities, projects, news and events, and contact:
Early Years
Early Years is the largest organisation in Northern Ireland for young children:
A  family of local sites that cover the UK, each site offering information to mothers on everything from where to find playgroups and how to eat healthily to where to meet other mothers:
Employers for Childcare
Employers for Childcare Vouchers is an award-winning Childcare Voucher provider, and the trading arm of Employers For Childcare Charitable Group, a campaigning charity with the vision of helping parents with dependent children to get into work and stay in work.  This  organisation  administers  Childcare Vouchers are a cost-saving employee benefit, available to all working parents throughout the UK. It is a salary sacrifice scheme, implemented through an employer’s payroll.  Put simply, employees can swap part of their salary (tax and National Insurance free) to contribute towards their childcare costs, for children up to the age of  15:
Some more useful links