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Sensory bubble tubes
Sensory play benefits for children

Our interactive sensory room was funded by Children in Need and adds a new dimension of learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Sensory play is beneficial for the children in a number of ways:

  • It fosters brain development as sensory play assists in building nerve connections in the brain .
  • It supports language development, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, social interaction and cognitive growth.
  • It is great for calming an anxious or frustrated child.

Sensory Activities:

  • Sand and water play changes under the UV lights, the addition of Tonic water and washing powder stimulates sight, touch and smell.
  • Painting with UV paints or highlighter pens encourages creativity. 
  • Frozen tonic water looks very different to frozen water and is a solid white.  The children are then able to compare the differences and what happens to both when they melt.
  • The sensory equipment can be controlled by the children with a coloured cube.  Whatever colour is uppermost the lights will change to that colour.  This can help with the naming of colours.
  • The equipment can also be sound activated encouraging children with their speech and language development e.g. the bubble tube can be activated just by blowing on or talking quietly into the microphone
  • The many different projector wheels allow us to tell our own stories, promoting imaginary play.
  • The shape projector and the changing of the colour support mathematical development.
  • The Light Box provides so many benefits to the children’s play and is so much more than a resource for science and discovery.  It can be used for literacy, math, music, writing, and science. By creating an inviting learning space, children are encouraged to engage in learning activities through play without even realising it. The Light table is an excellent source of visual sensory input. Children are naturally drawn to the glow of the table and are often calmed by the visual stimulation.
  • Shaving Foam is a lovely sensory activity it is soft to the touch and colour can be added to it to extend the learning for the children.

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