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Childcare for 0-4 years old
Toddler Room for children aged 2-4 years old
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Playroom for children aged 2-4 years old

The Toddler room is very bright and stimulating for all of our toddlers who are ready to thrive and explore in a creative and educational environment.

The Toddler room caters for children aged 2 years old until they are ready to leave for nursery school. At the Children’s Centre we have the capacity to care for twelve children with three staff members. The ratio in the Tigger room is 1:4 with a key worker system in place so children can develop secure relationships with the staff. The Tigger room staff have childcare qualifications, child protection and first aid training to ensure your child receives the best possible care when attending the Children’s Centre.

In the Toddler Room we value the importance of Learning through Play! Our daily routine emphasises this as now that your child is getting a little bit older, they are ready to be introduced to a more structured daily routine; there is a wide range of planned activities and of course most importantly lots of free play!  Children are encouraged to participate and explore all areas of play in the curriculum, providing children with the opportunity to progress their holistic development. In the Tigger room, we promote choice through play and meal times as this enhances your child’s ability to become more and more independent. In the Tigger Room, children take part in arts and crafts, messy play, baking, role play, physical play, various table top play, construction, songs, stories and of course quiet time when needed!

Play activities are planned based on the children's interests and level of development.  Staff complete observations on the children, and use these observations to plan play activities which will assist them to achieve their early learning goals.

As well as this the Children’s Centre use 'Welcomm', the speech and language tool kit,   which is a method of monitoring each child's unique stage of language development. The Centre also has access to the Sure Start Speech and Language Therapist who regularly provides activities for staff to implement during play and advice for parents.

At this important age of two, children are beginning to potty train. As children develop at their individual stage, we are more than happy to assist in ‘Potty Training’ and are willing to provide advice and support to parents when required.


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