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Once your little one is now up and becoming more and more steady on their feet, it is time to move up to our Bambi room where children are able to become even more adventurous in their play! In the Bambi Room we have a spacious room where children have lots of room to explore all areas of play, especially getting messy! Our Bambis normally stay in this room until they are 2 years old. The ratio is 1:3, with the capacity to take up to nine children.

There is a key worker system put in place, with one staff member assigned to each child. This ensures your child can make a special connection with the staff member and they make sure to complete daily observations, using these observations to plan both weekly and monthly play activities. We work closely with parents, sharing information regarding their development and provide advice of play activities to continue in the home environment.

In the Bambi room we love to play, some activities include physical play, in this room children have lots of space to run around, arts and crafts, lots and lots of messy play, construction, role play, nature walks, singing songs. There are too many to list! Children have the opportunity to explore all areas of play as all toys are age appropriate allowing children to explore freely in a safe and secure environment, enhancing their overall development. 

The Bambi room have their own unique room routine and promote independence during both play time and meal times and of course cuddles are given freely at all times! Children have the option of having a mid-day nap Sleep time is at 12.00pm- 2.00pm; however, we can alter this according to the child’s needs. When you come to collect your child, you will be given lots of written information regarding your child’s day and welcome any questions that parents may have.


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